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Which Musical Genre Has the Worst Lyrics?

Which musical genre has the worst lyrics? The answer will probably depend on your tastes. Pop music is overrated, with lyrics that are annoying, whiny, and based on the singer’s looks. Country music, on the other hand, is full of lyrics that make no sense at all. You’ll have to decide for yourself what you hate the most, but it’s probably not country. Here are some examples.

If you’re looking for mindless music, try Sum 41’s “In Too Deep.” This song is the theme song to a Nickelodeon cartoon movie. Its clumsy lyrics and catchy tune make it a popular YouTube hit. Even Pitchfork won’t admit it. Even though it’s a gimmick, the song is an earworm.

Another bad musical genre is R&B. While I love heavy metal, the lyrics in this genre are awful. But then again, most death metal lyrics are unintelligible and are promoted by conspiracy theorists and horror show youtube channels. It’s not as though it’s a serious genre – it’s just music! So, I’d say pop. Isn’t that a better genre?

Hip-hop is notorious for its vulgar lyrics and auto-tuned beats. Its lyrics are often too repetitive and contain themes of sex, drugs, and crime. Even some supposedly “talented” rappers outsource their lyrics, which makes rap songs sound like a bunch of screaming people. Rap music isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not good. However, the lyrics in hip-hop aren’t really worth listening to, and fans act like hip-hop is the only thing worth listening to. The sad fact is that 95% of hip-hop songs are about crime, sex, and drugs.

Country music is notorious for lyric repetition and lack of substancial detail. Country music lyrics tend to be one-dimensional, and most country songs are about getting with girls, loving the countryside, and drinking. It doesn’t even try to be creative about making the lyrics more acceptable commercially. For a country song to be considered “country-pop,” the lyrics have to be evocative. So, if you like country music, this genre is probably not for you.

Hip-hop: Rap music is another popular genre with overwhelmingly violent lyrics. The lyrics of hip-hop songs and popular pop songs are especially graphic. In fact, 95% of pop songs and 94.7 percent of hip-hop lyrics contain violent references. So, which musical genre has the worst lyrics? in 2018? There are many genres and songs that are arguably worse than each other. Hopefully, you’ll find something you enjoy!

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